The 5 fabulous florist trends for 2022 – BloomDirect


Flowers have been more essential and expressive since the pandemic, we are more grateful and aware of the difference flowers make on our well being than ever before. Here we share and celebrate 5 of the greatest trends for florists in 2022 and how you can give your customers bouquets and online presence that extra sparkle.

British blooms & seasonal stems

British flowers and seasonal stems are a favoured choice with customers, and we have seen florists expanding their bouquet ranges online to reflect the demand. Summer 2022 saw many a relaxed, country garden style bouquet being delivered to a lucky recipient. Florists were making the most of the british grown blooms such as: dahlias, alstroemeria, stocks, hydrangeas, sunflowers and sweet peas. A summer dream it has been and a trend we can see carrying on to Summer 2023 and beyond.

Some exciting news for florists is that BloomDirect is based in Spalding next to some of Britain’s best growers, BloomDirect will be sourcing seasonal stems fresh from the farm!

Rich vibrant colour palettes

While 2021 brought us soft neutrals in a world of chaos. ‘22 finds the floral industry jumping back in rich, vibrant colours, embracing warmer, livelier colours that energises and reminds us of tropical sunlight. Opulent oranges with golden yellows and deep pinks have been bold and vivid additions to ‘22’s floral colour palette. These striking colours have been balanced with equally eye-catching earthy greens inspired by plant life and vegetation. The deep tones show some natural optimism and provide a magnificent stage for those vibrant colours to sing in our lives.

Eco floristry  

Eco floristry is more than just a trend; it is the future for the floral industry. Small sustainable changes are an excellent start for florists. RHS Chelsea are leading the way with suggestions such as floral displays cannot include a one use floral foam. Sustainable swaps are an extremely good selling point, with customers looking for more eco friendly options. Make a statement and write about the sustainable changes you’ve made on your website, whether it’s naked bouquet options or swapping to compostable sachets such as the ones Chrysal produces.

Floral workshops

Workshops have been surprisingly more popular than ever since the unexpected break they had to take throughout the pandemic. Many florists now add workshop pages and events to their websites. It’s been a wonderful way for florists to promote their businesses, get to know their community and offer their skills, knowledge and love of flowers.

Checkout Jo’s Flower Workshop photos, Jo’s an independent florist based in Dorset, whose floral workshops have been a tremendous success!

House plants

House plants are still a big and exciting trend since the pandemic! Many local florists have been savvy and added plant ranges to their online shops, along with boutique gifts. Your website is all about providing your customers with the products they want. We all love sending the perfect gift, adding a little extra something makes the gift feel more thoughtful and personal.

Banstead based florist Mad Lilies always makes sure their website has trendy gifts and plants available for their customers to fall in love with; from beautifully illustrated cards to luxury chocolates. You can’t visit the site without wanting to send a gift!